Competitive home design in Switzerland

Land Area: 1 424,4 m2
Built area: 802.8 m2
Total area: 2 107,1 m2
Number of floors: 3 above ground floors
                             1 underground floor
                              operated roof
Number of apartments: 7
Status: competitive project
3rd place

The project of a club house in Switzerland was developed to participate in the competition from the developer, who built the house, including for his family. The house is located on a corner lot with a sharp slope. One half of the house is focused on the Swiss Alps, respectively, on these two facades there is a maximum number of panoramic windows. Large open terraces stretch along the entire rear facade. The main facade facing the main street has less glazing and, as far as possible, is “closed” from the neighbors.

Master plan


The elevation difference between the main street and the far border of the lot is about three meters, which was used for convenient entry into the parking. Entrance to the house and a separate entrance to the owner’s office is from the main street. From here you can also get to the outdoor pool and summer cafe, which descends on the terraces repeating the relief of the site. Near the pool there is a staircase leading to the entrance to the SPA center, which is located in the underground floor of the building. The base of the barbecue area, which is located slightly away from the public area and involves the use of residents only, is the roof of the underground parking. The zones are visually separated from each other by green spaces, but are connected by pedestrian paths and, if desired, you can get from one to another.

The underground floor is divided into two parts: private and public. In the public part is a spa center. In front of the SPA there is a small patio for visitors to relax with a large panoramic window into the pool. Lighting of the spa itself is carried out both through the sliding doors at the reception and through the windows installed in the wall adjacent to the pool. The spa also has a children's playroom. In the private part there is a parking lot for residents, personal storage rooms and a laundry room. You can rise to the first floor of the house using the elevator.

On the ground floor there are two residential apartments of 137m2 and 117m2 and an office of 64m2. Office space, if necessary, can be converted into another apartment. Two ramps lead from the entrance to the building and office directly to the pedestrian sidewalk, the ramps serve as access paths and replace steps. All apartments on the ground floor have direct access to the street.

On the second floor there are three apartments, one of which is connected with the penthouse and is its immediate part, the other two apartments are completely autonomous. In the center of the house is a patio, which can be accessed from the common hall and one of the apartments. The patio helps ensure that natural light enters the interior of the house.

On the third floor is a penthouse with an area of 290 m2. There are two terraces in the penthouse: one stretches along the entire rear facade of the house and has a wonderful view of the mountains, the second is in the master bedroom unit and is more private. Also from this apartment you can get to the balcony on the patio.

The roof is a private recreation area for residents of the house, it is supposed to have several isolated lounge areas, an open kitchen and a solarium. The roof has several height differences, the upper sections suggest the installation of solar panels.

Floor plans


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