Design project of a private house 151m2

Who lives: Family with child
Apartment area: 151 m2
Type of house:  brick

The house is located in the suburbs of Kiev. At the time of the start of work on the project, the walls were roughly finished, water and electricity were connected, and a warm floor was made. The existing layout suited the wishes of the customers and practically did not change. All plumbing fixtures have been positioned taking into account the existing piping. The layout was maximally tied to the electrical wiring, but nevertheless, certain changes were made to the existing scheme, in accordance with the arrangement of furniture and for ease of use. Thanks to the existing underfloor heating system, it was possible to avoid the installation of wall radiators. 

Almost the entire first floor of the house is occupied by a kitchen-living room with a dining area. The kitchen is visually zoned from the living room thanks to a decorative technique on the ceiling. Decorative beams are designed not only to support the projection of the existing monolithic belt in the form of a beam, but also to emphasize a given Mediterranean theme. The bedroom on the ground floor has a small area and is of a guest character, thanks to the displacement of the wall into the shower room, it was possible to place a built-in wardrobe without losing the area of the room. 

The master bedroom is on the second floor and also has decorative beams in its design, but in contrast to the first floor, they are wooden on a white background. The wall behind the headboard is made in decorative stucco, which refers to the stucco facades of Greece. Instead of a headboard, soft wall panels are used to add comfort to the room. The children's room is small in size, but square in plan, which gives a large and convenient space for games. The bed-house is not only decorative, but also practical; it is a spacious storage system. The design of the bed has something in common with the pattern of the photo wallpaper. At the moment, the room was developed for a preschool child, but the possibility of small changes in the future is envisaged. The guest room on the second floor performs three functions at once, it is a small private family living room, it can act as a second study, if necessary, and a folding sofa makes it possible to use the room as a guest bedroom.

Plan before re-planning

Plan after re-planning


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